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Life Support Systems

L.S.S (life support systems or filtration equipment) to suit the smallest aquarium to massive aquariums like the largest free standing all acrylic aquarium ever built in the world by Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd is maintained by our system in pristine condition. If you have an aquarium that needs the magic touch call or email us. Why not have a make over in your aquarium, we can solve any problems you have.

Remote L.S.S in a dedicated room or underneath the aquarium stand, from the simple cleaning to state of the art systems even with auto monitoring in our office and regulation of water parameters’ even sent to your iPhone or tablet or laptop.

Lighting units from standard strip lighting, L.E.D.s and full HQ metal haloid all with infinite programmable operations even under water lighting is now available.

We can turn a dream into reality

Bring the ocean into your home or workplace