Special Offers

Acrylic Aquarium – Gold Trimmed

3000mm L x 310mm W x 810mm H      RRP £4800.00     Sale Price £2200.00 ovno


Acrylic Tank, Stand & Hood

Tank 465mm L x 465mm W x 600mm H

Black Hood 490mm L x 490mm W x 175mm H

Black Stand 490mm L x 490mm W x 500mm H

Overall Height approx 1200mm    RRP £1200      Sale Price £550.00 ovno

Nautile Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium, Black Back , with back filter 2130mm L x 830mm W x 920mm H

Black Acrylic Stand 2180mm L x 850mm W x 690mm H

Overall Height Approx 1610mm    RRP £7999.00   Sale Price £2999.00 ovno

Acrylic Tank and Cabinet

Aquarium 60″ L x 30″ W x 30″ H with Blue back and centre weir

Black Cabinet with removable magnetic doors to suit  RRP £4500.00    Sale Price  £2850.00 ovno

Hexagon Terrarium

8 sided acrylic tank 868mm W x 1210mm H

Black Acrylic Hood to suit 888mm W x 200mm H

Black Acrylic Base  to suit 878mm x 640mm H

overall height approx 1970mm

Max water depth 600mm

RRP £5999.00     Sale Price £1999.00

Acrylic Aquarium Black trimmed with built in weir

765mm L x 765mm W x 635mm H  RRP £1100  Sale Price £499.00

Acrylic Aquarium

8ft L x 3ft W x 4ft H in 30mm black trim all round RRP £8000.00    Sale Price £3999.00

“D” Shape Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium with black trim & two back corner weirs

1815mm L x 590mm W to centre of bow x 1010mm H   RRP £4999.00    Sale Price £1999.00

Acrylic Tank, Blue Stand & Blue Hood- previously loved

Tank 465mm L x 465mm W x 995mm H

Hood 500mm L x 500mm W x 200mm H

Stand 500mm L x 500mm W x 570mm H

overall height approx 1695mm   RRP £1600.00   Sale Price   £395.00 ovno

Acrylic Aquarium-Black top trim

450mm L 200mm W x 735mm H RRP £350.00  Sale Price £175.00 ovno

Emerald Green trimmed Acrylic Aquarium 

800mm L x 400mm W x 500mm H  RRP £360.00   Sale Price £225.00 ovno

Twin Back Filtered Aquarium ( 3 in stock) cancelled order

1000mm L x 600mm W x 400mm H Black Back, 240mm approx full length back filter, black centred partition

RRP £699.00  Sale Price £299.00 each


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