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Any shape you can draw, we can build

We have over 31 years experience building acrylic aquariums and we are the only company that offers up to a life time warranty and insures the aquarium through faulty manufacturing or materials. The only limit to Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd… Is your imagination!

We offer premium acrylic aquariums that can be customised to complement any interior design. We bring the underwater fantasy indoors so that no body has to to get away All AAUL aquariums are hand made we only build in acrylic because its safe.

We can build bow fronted up to 6 metres (20 foot).

Any shape you can draw, we can build.Any Width, Any Height, Any Length.

Installation and maintenance can be arranged through our agents throughout the U.K and Worldwide.

Need a bigger aquarium?

Any shape you can draw, we can build.

Any width, any height, any length.

We can turn a dream into reality

Bring the ocean into your home or workplace